Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Request from Budapest and more stuff

I got an email at about noon our time which would be about 7pm in Budapest from B. She informed me that her school/intern stuff was finished and she really wanted to come home early. She is staying until Sunday because that is what her instructor advised them to do and guess what she and another girl are the only ones left there. She really is homesick for us and especially for her guy, she is a newlywed you know. She wanted me to see if I could get her home earlier. I called the airline and to change her ticket would $544. I said NO. She would just have to tough it out. Usually my travel-loving daughter would have no problem being there but this new husband, I believe, has changed her perspective on travel. She is so missing him and her home. I feel bad for her but her father was standing right by me when I found out how much to come home early and he was, "absolutely not, she can stay till Sunday." I would have done it if he wasn't aware of the cost.

Tonight is my last bowling league night till fall and I'm torn about whether I want to do it again. I REALLY love the game and my average is about 145 but I am not happy about one of my teammates. She is the treasurer and knows her stuff, sort of, but half the time she doesn't even make it to bowl. She also is in charge of lot of the business end of paying for our lanes and getting the score sheets, etc., which means we have to chase her down to come bowl her turn. That makes us sitting around waiting for her and late getting done. I'll just have to play it by ear and how I feel in the fall. Hey, I think we might be in third place so far so that's pretty cool.

I also got a call from Roger, who I went to high school with. He and I are in charge with putting the reunions together. We have one every 5 years and so next year will be time for our 35th reunion....OH MY GOD! That sounds awful. I AM NOT THAT OLD, am I? Well, we will get together and start putting together a team of helpers and updating the old addresses. For 10 years of that time I was doing a newsletter twice a year but I got burned out on it when I was trying to raise the girls, going to school, volunteering and a little work in the middle of it all. I know everyone loved it but I really had lost my interest. That is my problem. I do things and after awhile I can loose my desire or passion and drive to continue or finish. I got tired of being the only one putting it together (info and mailing). I was also a little gun-shy when I first started out doing it because I got a phone call from one of our girl classmates that rattled my cage. She married a guy from the grade ahead of us and he is kind of a big deal on the radio around here. He was going to have some comedy records out and it was in the PAPER about all of it. I put a blurb in the newsletter about it in the section about other classes. She called me at my office and reamed me out about putting it in the newsletter because they didn't need the attention in their lives (because he was so famous I guess) and how dare I mention someone not in our class, blah, blah, blah. I was very kind to her but I was so shaken that I almost quit doing it. Now, I think I've developed a thicker skin and am more assertive, especially with "fellow" classmates that I would tell her to "bite me". You have to understand that I was NEVER a joiner or popular kind of person in high school, in fact, if you read the definition of wallflower in the dictionary, you will find a picture of me. I was painfully introverted, at least I thought I was and so for me to do anything like this for the class is totally out of character for me, at least the person I was 35 years ago. You truly do grow in every sense of the word after high school. I have changed SO very much from the person I was, and I like me.

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