Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another wedding

Yesterday The Hubby and I had to leave our place of paradise to go back to town for a wedding. We had to break up our 3 day weekend to drive back into town. That was not the first time back though. Friday afternoon we were able to get away early, about 2:30 pm and head out. The drive is about 50 miles and we were about 25 miles out when we remembered that we left the brisket in the little refrigerator. We thought about hitting Pryor to find another one but since this was Memorial Day weekend we knew that might be an impossible feet on a late Friday afternoon so we turned around and went back home.

Back to yesterday. We had to go into town for a friends son getting married. Jason, we have know Jason since he was about 1-1/2 old, his mother was our daughter A's first teacher and she is a very good friend of ours along with her husband so we HAD to go. It sure messed a perfect weekend but a must is a must. It was so sweet to see little Jason as a grown up man getting ready to tie the knot. The church they were married in is not our home church (Jason and his family go to our church, which we don't attend anymore) but was Angie's home church. the preacher-minister-pastor whatever his name began with a prayer as ususal then he went into preaching. I HATE it when these preacher-minister-pastor's, whether at a funeral or a wedding, think that they have a captive audience and preach. Hey, if I wanted to be preached too I would go to my own church and I don't do that. I sat there and got madder and madder as he went on and on for 25 minutes of a 40 minute wedding. I wanted to get up and walk out but because of Jason I didn't. I HATE IT! Then to top of this 25 minute speech he was talking about how Jason would be the boss, the pants of the family, that Angie would be subservient to Jason. WHAT! My face was red I was so angry. I can't believe this is modern day, how can women let this keep going on. Marriage is not a boss and servant it is a partnership, even-steven. I was absolutely frothing I was so incensed by the speech of this guy. I'm still so very angry. When B and B2 got married I was so proud of her. The judge, yes a judge married them, she would not allow the judge to say the traditional vows where she would be his property, she sat her foot down that she was not his property. I was proud of her. Good girl! Whew I feel better. That was eating on me so bad. I have a problem with the whole property, I'm the boss, I wear the pants kind of thing.

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