Sunday, May 18, 2008

A most beautiful weekend

I/we are back from the cabin and I must say it was a spectacular weekend weather wise. My arms are getting browner and browner from time in the hammock and walking/jogging. The neighbors Harri and Jimbo are building a new deck so the sound of hammers and saws and laughter and cursing was abounding. The Hubby is there to help too as he is the electrician. I spent a lot of time sitting and watching the hammering but I got very tired of it and chose to spend my time in the hammock reading, sleeping, watching the clouds in the blue sky and listening the birds. I got a lot of sun between the hammock time and driving home with my top down.

In just 6 minutes B will be landing at Tulsa International Airport. YEAH! I got a call from her from Dallas and she sounds tired but ready to be home.

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