Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jury Duty

This morning I awoke to lightening, thunder and tons of rain. I had planned on going to Jazzercise but opted not too because of my itty-bitty car. I didn't want to float down the road instead of drive. I didn't sleep well as I was nervous about the whole process of Jury Duty this morning. It was only for municipal court and said one day or one trial so I knew it would be short. I am a nervous nellie when it comes to new and the unknown. I have driven downtown Tulsa before and I do it pretty well but since all of the construction I wasn't sure and I had never been in the courthouse before so I wasn't sure where to go exactly. The Hubby drove me there yesterday for a dry run which helped. Anyway, this morning I got ready and was nervously patting my foot at 7:30, waiting. I decided to go ahead and go to the office as it is on the way. WOW, the front drive at the shop had water almost up to the door last night. Sometimes it happens there, even to the point that we have had to get canoes out in the street for the buildings and houses behind. This area is the last place to have flood control in Tulsa but we are working on it. Back to the story...I got to the office and B was there answering the phone and filing. I sat and visited with her and made a couple of runs to the little girls room as my stomach was icky-nervous. Then it was time to find my way through 4-way stop signs, gravel and orange cones. It was pretty uneventful and even found the building with no problem but I can guarantee my blood pressure was up just from nerves. I entered the Jury Room and it was crammed with 42 potential jurors. We filled out a form, sat and waited, watched a video that was made in the 70's and waited. We watched television until the copier and television and Coke machine blew a fuse/breaker. I then finished off the book I was reading, did a crossword and Suduko. We then had our names drawn out of a silver box that was shaken three times in between each name, it's law. The first 15 were the green juror tags, the second 15 were the blue juror tags and the last 12 were the pink juror tags, and that would be me. We sat some more and the maintenance man got the fuse/breaker thingy fixed just in time for me to catch David Cook on Regis and Kelly (a plus in my book). Finally, about 9:30 the lady called for the green team to follow the court clerky person. We again sat till about 10 am then the blue team was called. This time they were sent home, don't come back. Another 30 minutes roll around and finally the pink ones, me, were sent home. That was quick. I am actually sad I didn't get to go to the jury thing and can't be called for two years. Bummer. Well, then I made my way out, after filling out a survey, to the parking garage. Found my car and then found the exit. I drove my car through a two post thinga-ma-bob-no-way-back and down a ramp then half-way down there were barracades and fresh concrete. Well! Since I couln't back up I had to take the next way out, over the concrete edge. My car went bump, bang, clang and then I was out and on my way home. So that my friends is my day at Jury Duty.

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