Friday, May 09, 2008

What a beautiful Friday

Here it is Friday and no far...I have been driving around town with the top down today. Quick notice about the traveling girl. I will update often while she is in Budapest with email snippets from her. So here is another one I just received (keep in mind from the typing problems that it is a European keyboard and they are very difficult to type on):

"I got my luggage and nothing is missing!! Hooray!!!

today we took a train for an hour out o the coutryside to visit a catholic university and sit in on a methodology class which was very interesting. the campus was absolutely beautiful and i took lots o fpics of it. we are all still messed up sleep wise but am feeling better. it's still really strange ot have to wait on a bunch of other people to this and that ubt i just have to remind myself that this is temporary...

A, in response to your question, my phone does work but it's pricey for me to use. since i've got internet in the apt, this is the best way to communicate...

got to run, we have to do an interview of an efl student now....the work never stops! love you all and look forward to hearing from you some more.


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