Thursday, January 07, 2021

My Tiny Rant

 All I can say this morning is I am mortally embarrassed and saddened by our country right now.  The spectacle I saw on the television yesterday made my blood boil then turned to absolute embarrassment.  I had Snicklefritz all day yesterday and never turned the TV on, nor did I check my social media, at all.  Imagine my surprise, or should I say my "shock and awe" by what I was witnessing on my television screen.  And yet our top dog basically did nothing to stop the mayhem.  I will admit here that I am a Republican but I am ashamed by my party right now, to support this man and to allow him to continue to insight this kind of violence while he smugly sits in the Oval Office egging it on.  Come on, man we have a new president and I will support the new president no matter what party I am.  I cannot condone the crap our current leader is doing.  While I will still be a Republican as far as political leanings I will not support this kind of crap and I haven't for a long time.  It's tempting to jump parties but I'm not going to fall into that line.  We voted, fair and square and we have a new leader, lets support him to do what is right and I know he will.  Joe Biden is a kind man and will do well.  Let's calm down because there is already enough crap going on in our world, we don't need this.  Be kind to your fellow man, try to stay in your own lane and let us get through this pandemic thing before you tear the country apart, piece by piece.  

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