Sunday, January 03, 2021

Happy New Year's

A very quiet New Year's we had this year, but not without drama.  We scooted off to the cabin on Thursday afternoon with Snicklefritz on board for a weekend of absolutely nothing but laughter, a warm fire, lot's of playing Uno or Connect 4 and reading.  Oh and a little beauty shop.  I learned to make a fishtail braid on her beautiful hair.  We enjoyed a bit of black-eyed peas for good luck and she said that usually she doesn't like them but that this time they weren't that bad.  Good luck for us in 2021 hopefully.  
Sadly the time was not without the drama or exhaustion.  Our little Clayton, oh this guy.  He is really having a rough time.  Remember he had been having been having those spasms and we upped his meds to help and he truly got better, was sleeping and not having them quite as bad.  Well, bad me decided that maybe cut back again, WRONG MOVE doggie mom!  Oh man, he started having the spasms so bad again on Thursday and the weekend was horrible with him not being able to sleep because of them and wondering around at night causing me not to sleep.  You see we have stairs down to the garage and because he can't see that well and his body contorting and trying to stand on 3 legs I was terrified he would fall down them.  So every movement he made or yelp I was up and once before I could move fast enough, sure enough he was on the edge.  Scared me to death.  The stairs are right next to the door that goes outside and he knows to go outside.  Sleep was not in the cards for me this weekend and it was starting to effect me.  I told The Hubby yesterday that it would be better for us to head to town where he could go outside by himself and wonder to his hearts desire in the house.  I think the wondering around helps to get the spasm to settle down.  
We packed up after a hearty breakfast and headed home.  As it turned out we were needed in town to watch the other little lady in our lives, Min.  A grand time was had by the girls, they so love each other and it's easy to watch her with Snicklefritz around.  They play and play and play.  We did have an accident with a bump to Clayton while he slept on the floor.  Anything that startles him sends him into an episode and screaming and yelping.  He was screaming and yelping and it scared little Min so she started crying and screaming.  EEK!  When he has them so bad I either soothe him while he is on his bed or scoop him and he snuggles in my neck.  Poor guy, all day long I kept thinking we are going to have to "do something," if you get my meaning.  Worried me all day long.  That being said I started the meds back on every 8 hours again.  Last night The Hubby brought him to bed because he wanted to but it didn't last long because he got restless and wanted down again.  I put him down and just went to sleep and he didn't wake me up until about 1:30 when we heard him him screaming/yelping in the living room.  I ran in there and soothed him and he went back to sleep not to wake again until 5:30 when I heard the family three-legged limp into our room.  I got up, fed him, and went back to bed not to hear from him until about 7:30.  He seemed to be just fine, not all crooked and in pain.  Thank goodness.  It's funny how he rallies from these episodes.  I need to make a vet appointment now that I have some video of his episodes to show the vet.  

Happy New Year everyone, more tomorrow on my journey to TRY TO LOSE THIS DAMN WEIGHT!  It is the new year, resolutions and all. 


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