Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mulching Time

The weekend was just beautiful.  Yes I know it has been hot but this weekend was so much more manageable.  We hosted a small get together at out cabin on Saturday night with The Hubby smoking a pork butt and two pork tenderloins.  They were spectacular and only enough left for one small sandwich.  The food was great, the company was awesome and the weather cooperated enough that we were all able to sit on the screened porch and enjoy the night with lots of laughter and chatter.

Saturday though the Hubby and I had plans for the yard.  First was the project to replace the clematis that was only in the ground 3 months and was last weekend weed-eated down by the lawn guy.  I hunted around town for replacements and finally found one for half price.  I also purchased 4 huge bags of cedar mulch for the flowerbed.  Work was ahead of me.  When we arrived and I put the new plant next to where the previous one had been erradicated I was surprised to see this...

the sweet little thing has come to life again so I told The Hubby we had to protect it and hopefully it will survive.

So now instead of two clematis on the fence I will have three.

Saturday The Hubby planted the new clematis and I planted a butterfly plant in the fence garden along with the tomato plants and herbs.  I set about unloading the bags of mulch into the flowerbed.  First I put down a layer of newspapers.  It helps to kill out the weeds that start popping up.  I pulled most of them but weeding is a never ending job.  Just when you think it is all done, you stand back up and look at your work and lo and behold there are more weeds.  The newspapers will help.  Mulch, mulch, mulch...all this before 10 am on Saturday and I was a dripping wet mess, but it was done, all done.

I got up this morning and oh my aching backs of my legs and back in general.  I did a lot of squatting this time which I have never been able to do...thank you Wade.  I attribute that new found talent to him and his workout routine.  The treadmill and bike will probably feel good tomorrow and workout the rest of the kinks.  I hope. 

Clayton watching as we finished watering and loading the car for the journey home again.


Char said...

that is a lot of hard work!

Kay said...

I'm so happy for you. Clematis has such dramatic color and will brighten your yard even more.