Tuesday, July 20, 2010


For the past two or three months now when I come home from work there are usually one or two messages on our phone.  I dial in to listen and it is an automated call from a law office wanting to talk to someone.  I say someone because it is an automated, computer generated voice and I can't make out the name except today.  The first name I could hear was Julia but that was all I could get.  The calls are different times of the day, sometimes the calls are in the morning, afternoons and last night was 7:45, we weren't home.  Today the phone rang at 8:35 and I was here to get it.  Again, automated.  I called the toll free number about  a month ago and the lady said the calls would stop.  I called again today and the lady said the calls would stop.  I told her there was NO ONE named Julia something here and I want the calls to STOP!  It is frutstrating.  We've done the Do Not Call List but I would imagine this doesn't count.  Can really mess a day

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Kay said...

Now that is really frustrating. I almost sounds like those political calls we were getting earlier. Used to drive me nuts.