Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week in Review

This is a self portrait just before I left to go to my multi-class reunion last weekend.  I like it.  That was a fun day. 

This week I've taken several days off from the office as I will a good part of the summer.  B is not teaching this summer so will be in the office!  I have been planning to paint but that has just not happened, yet.  I spent most of this week running a lot of errands and visiting with my BFF who has been dealing with cancer.  I stopped by and ended up staying 3 hours just talking.  It was very nice.  I went to the greenhouse for climbing roses for the trellis at the cabin and tomatoes for B&B's garden...I expect some tomatoes. ;) 

This weekend The Hubby has gone to Minnesota for a flashlight show.  Several years ago, 1998, The Hubby and I hosted the first ever flashlight show in Tulsa and the paper even did an article on him.  In 2008, we hosted the 10th show here.  They have them every year and he loves to attend and feels an obligation to attend since he is the one who got the ball rolling.  I don't!  They're fun while they are here but I choose not to attend in other states.  We used to do lighter shows too, yes, cigarette lighters.  He has a collection of those too but has maxed out on it.  I prefer them as they are so beautiful, especially the trench art ones.  I have to say also that we do not smoke and never did but he collects them because it was an era, truly. 

Anyway, I opted to head to the cabin this weekend and enjoy the wonderful weather that the weather people are predicting.  Unfortunately, they are predicting 90 degree weather and the A/C unit is acting up!  It's really not too bad with a fan on me.  Last night, with the windows open the air was very nice but the neighbors were not cooperating with the peace and quiet.  There are some here for a wedding at the wigwam and their cabin is full of people, lots and lots of people who do not understand the peace and quiet of our little heaven on earth.  We come here for no motor boats, birds singing, and communing with nature.  Last night I hit the pillow about 10 pm, woke with a start at 10:30 from a bad dream, back asleep at about 11:15 when I was jolted out of that wonderful sleep by fireworks.  FIREWORKS!!!!!  These were not little poppy things but huge boom, rattle the window kind by my neighbors.  They were actually being set off in the meadow but it was 11:15 PM!!!!!  Very quickly my other neighbor, Jimbo hopped onto his golf cart and flew down there to stop the insanity!!!!!  Three boys from the wedding neighbors.  Where in the world were the presumed grownups to stop this.  Teach these kids respect for people please.  Stupid!!!!!  I then could not drift off to sleep till after 1:30 and then was up at 5 to feed the dog and potty.  RATS!!!!!

Nicer thoughts now...

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch drifting off for a quick nap with I noticed the little ceramic birdhouse that a friend gave me a few years ago.  I hung it on the porch but it has remained empty, till now.  I noticed a bird popping in and out with little twigs and stuff for a nest.  YEAH!  There were actually two of them building and I realized that they were a Prothonotary Warbler, a pair.  They were preparing a nest on my porch. 

Now my picture is not good as I did not want to disturb them....

So here is an Internet generated one...after reading the link
I find they quite fascinating and really lucky to have them on my porch.  Hope they stay!


Char said...

what a gorgeous bird pair to grace your house - beautiful!!!

sorry about your rather sleepless night

Prairiemaid said...

Love the birds, what a gift to have them on your porch.

Sorry, about the neighbors and fireworks. Hopefully you have a more peaceful night tonight.