Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rain and Flooding

Although I like that it is summer, July, and we are getting some nice rain, but enough is quite enough.  Poor little Clayton doesn't like to go out and do his business in the rain.  He stands at the sliding glass door and stares in at us not venturing out.  He has his little doggie door that is very usuable but he has to run through a little rain to use it and he DOES NOT like it.  This morning he was out, in the dark and rain and was waiting for me to let him in the sliding door but I was not going to fall for the puppy-dog eyes.  
Pretty soon I heard a rumble and boom-crash of huge thunder. 1-2-3 seconds and I heard the doggie door open and close. He came flying through the kitchen and living room like a rocket on his way to the bedroom and the warmth of the bed. It was so funny.

I chose to stay in from workout today because I just didn't feel like testing the flooded streets.  Some of them I have to travel to see the trainer are a bit iffy and I just was not awake enough for it.  I know The Hubby was giving me the look, sort of like my mother.  Hey, what's up with that, I am an adult for goodness sake.  I can make my own decisions.  Thinking I want to be safe, besides the weather is making my tummy a bit rumbley. 

Strange occurrance last night.  It was the usual dance night and even though I had not been in a few weeks I assumed we would go, although I didn't push it.  Last week he opted not to go because he was exhausted as was I.  Well, last night he didn't even mention it.  Very strange.  I am afraid that I have made enough of a scene of not liking it that he is going to quit but I don't want him too as he likes it too much.  It is just not what I live for.  I don't mind once in awhile but not every time and I definintely don't want him to quit.  I'm afraid to mention it or we might get into a rather heavy discussion.  We'll see what happens next week. 


Anonymous said...

Poor dogs. I think all of our dogs didn't like the sound of thunder and didn't like to see flashes of light through the skylights.

They ran and hid and would sometimes shake...our last dog grew deaf in old age and slept through all the storms.

Char said...

my cat hides under the bed with a loud storm too.

♥Georgie♥ said...

I can so see Clayton booming like a rocket into the lil doggers is the same way with rain and thunder =)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Our dogs never did like to go out in the rain to do their business, I always got the cold shoulder afterwards if they were made to go.
If I could talk myself into working out one day a week, I would be happy, it just isn't on my "to do" list I'm afraid.
I admire you !