Thursday, July 29, 2010

At a Loss

I seem to be at a loss for words today.  I've been trying to post everyday for a few weeks, but today I'm blank.  That includes tomorrow, Saturday and so on and so on.  Thought I would just start writing and see what happens.  That is what I've been told in a few writing classes I have taken.  I do that in my journal but not sure that it will work here since what I really want to write about is not for the eyes of some of my readers! 

Yesterday I was planning on having company here in town, tonight, so I cleaned, planned the menu and even set the dining table.  I had just paid for my groceries for the menu when my cell phone beeped a message.  Oh shucks, there was a disconnect between the wives and hubby's and we had to reschedule for next week.  I was bummed but the food will freeze and keep.  Then as I was dealing with that the phone rang yet again and it was The Hubby.  I was being summoned back to the office to fix some stuff for getting an invoice out that we had worked on the day before.  So I rushed home to put the food away and remembered that I had left a candle lit.  PANIC!  I knew that it would be okay as I when I do light one it is usually set on the stove.  I am a little creeped by them.  So, candle out, food stored and back to the office I went.  I fixed the problem with a little number play and then headed back home.  I had planned to paint in the afternoon but didn't feel much like it by then.  I had been on a high but was then on a low so the desire was not there.  Sitting down with little Clayton I dozed off and actually slept sitting up for nearly an hour.  I was awakened by the little guy wanting his dinner, early. As I sat there waking up I heard my canary behind me flitting around when all of a sudden I heard a BUZZ in the window that is covered with plantation shutters.  I got up and looked in the window and there was the largest black and yellow bumblebee I have ever seen in the window.  I slammed shut the slats of the shutters and FREAKED. 

(I didn't take this picture...couldn't get brave enough to do it)

You see, a few years ago while my father was digging potatoes in his back yard he accidentally dug up a bumblebee nest.  They nest in the ground.  I saw my father throw his pitchfork down, start slapping his head, back and arms and start running towards the house.  He cleared a small fence, grabbed his dog Fannie, who was highly allergic to bee stings and ran towards me as I was standing on the patio watching.  He said,  "RUN," and we both wrangled ourselves to the safety of the inside.  Some of the nasty guys were still on him and some got inside.  One latched onto my lip and I started slapping, trying to get it off.  We pulled stingers out of Daddy's back and my lip.  My lip swelled up so large I couldn't even talk.  It didn't last long but ever since then I'm a bit afraid of them.  The Hubby finds me silly but it traumatized me a bit. 

Well, back to the gargantuan bumblebee in my living room.  I got a jar with a lid in the hopes of trying to capture the thing and get it outside but again the bravery thing was gone.  I just kept an eye on the shutters and knew it was trapped but didn't help when it started buzzing around.  My stomach was churning.  The Hubby was home shortly and I met him at the door and begged my White Knight to slay the creature.  He did just that!  My hero.  ICK!  Now we are left with the question, "How did it get in here?  Where did it come from?  Do we have a hole somewhere?  Are they in the attic or something?"  I mean really, it is freaking me out a bit.  I guess time will tell huh. 

Guess I did have something to write about!


Char said...

i could see where that would be very traumatic!

♥Georgie♥ said...

I dont like bees at all! and yes you did get a post! I may have o try this sometime and see where it takes me...the whole just start typing thing....not the bee thing lol

Janie B said...

It's so scary to be confronted when alone with something that freaks you out. I'm sorry about the past trauma, but glad your hubby is your hero.

Sweet Tea said...

Good Grief!!
Hate those buzzin' rascals. I'd have to sleep with the lights on until I figured how he got in. Yikes!!