Sunday, July 04, 2010

My 4th of July in Review

Last night was the 4th of July fireworks show here at our getaway from the world. Thank goodness all The Hubby has to do is hand over a check and coordinate. I told him that he needs to not do it anymore as he is tired of the responsibility. He agrees and hopefully we won't even have to be here next year. I am not happy with all the people and craziness that goes with it all. Thankfully the rain kept it to a minimum.
Today the purple hull peas I shelled on Friday night are slowly simmering on the stove with a little bacon fat, onion and jalepeno salt.  It should be yummy with the smoked pork tenderloin The Hubby is preparing and our fresh tomatoes that I picked as soon as we arrived. 
Yesterday this is where my bootie plopped itself down and spent the entire day while it rained and rained. 
My view was just awesome as I finished Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich and started Eat, Love, Pray and journaled in my hand written journal.
This morning I was up early with a sleep-in kind of headache but a good strong cup of coffee helped to make it vanish.  I journaled some more, read and showered.  Then I felt the need to take a golf cart ride around the grounds to see if any of the fireworks debris was still around.  Someone got up very, very early and cleaned up all the mess.  Down by the boat ramp I found two pontoon boats ready for the water.  I've been on them before for sunset cruises and a couple of weekends ago an all day event.  They are ready and waiting for the next excursion and hopefully the rain will stay at bay.  A bunch is planning on going to Whitehorn Cove to watch their fireworks celebration tonight and having a cookout on the boat.  I plan on staying nice and comfy in front of my TV. 
More sights on my early morning golf cart ride.  I like this picture and may try to incorporate it into a painting.
Poor little Clayton watching me take off in the golf cart.  He so loves to ride and have The Hubby, his best bud, take him to the meadow to run till his hearts content.  The little guy has a problem though as he over heats very quickly.  On Friday evening The Hubby took him on a run and they found a part of the creek to stand in the cool running water.  He laid down in it and loved the rush of coolness on his overheated belly.  I so love this little guy and had no idea how much he would enrich our lives (I probably said this before). 

I almost forgot to say something about this...

Remember  I wrote in May about the prothonotary warbler that had nested in our nest on the porch, well we got so lucky on Friday evening to see the two babies peak their heads out and fly.  Oh my goodness it was so awesome to see that.  Hopefully the little couple will hatch another brood before the summer is over.


Sweet Tea said...

I'm in Tulsa this weekend enjoying the 4th with family. So glad that Saturday rains have ended and it is sunny today.

Char said...

sounds so great

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I just love wasting the hours reading on my Kindle. Looks like a nice getaway.
Dogs are ultra cool. I cannot imagine life without ours.