Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hated It

I am going to throw out my opinion and only my opinion as an artist.  Don't hate me.  I've probably written about this before but I'm going to go off again.  Sorry.  Bear with me. 

I am a realistic artist, not an abstract artist.  Abstract art is what sells these days, unfortunately for me.  Monday night my friend from art class and I went to a meeting of our art group and after the business meeting there was a demo.  The artist (can't remember her name) had some examples of both her realistic and abstract art.  I know I'm rambling but hang in there.  Her realistic art is wonderful.  The abstract art, well, hated it.  Her demo was to take three different colors of paint in pint jars and drizzle first one on the black canvas, swirl it around, pour the second color, swirl, etc.  That was it and she is making tons of money selling that crap.  I am sorry but I work like a fiend on the stuff I paint putting just the right stroke and paint in the right place and she swirls paint.  It was like being in kindergarten with fingerpaints.  Some of the people in attendance (in the older range) were enamoured with it all and I can guarantee some will show up at the next show.  I'm sorry but I just can't get abstract art.  It absolutely does nothing for me.  It has been said, not by me but by a few people I know, that people are buying art to match the couch or wall color, not the composition.  Come on people, let's think hard about art now.  It's called art appreciation.  I had a humanities teacher who really made me see art in a different eye.  (Thank you Stansi.) 

There is a show on Bravo called "Work of Art:  The Next Great Artist".  I find it interesting because I am trying to understand how it works in the heads of artist that do abstract art and this show has a few on it.  I'm trying I tell you, I'm trying, much like I'm trying to like country music.  I've even tried my hand at abstract art but feel that I'm letting my talent, what little I have, go to waste. 


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I don't quite get it either. I like some of it especially those that show a lot of skill in creating.

Char said...

i like some abstract but there has to be some harmony to it....not chaos like Jackson Pollack.

I watch that show too.

Sweet Tea said...

I think I totally "get" what you're saying. I could make abstract art, because I have no artistic talent, though I do have a good eye for color. Real talent comes from being able to paint something dimensional onto a flat canvas. To me that's artistic magic and that's what I'd spend my money to buy. No matter how hard I try I could NEVER paint like that. I hear your frustration...Now about country music - I.LOVE.IT. Bring on some Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, or Brad Paisley and my heart will go pitter patter!!

Kay said...

We tend to enjoy realistic art more, too. However, I do see the vibrancy and rhythm in modern art as well. At home, we've bought more realistic art.