Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Yes I know I posted that I did not like this day but at least I can say "Happy Halloween" to those who do.  Happy Candy Day! 

This week has been pretty busy with work and various functions in the evening like a nice evening out with some girlfriends to celebrate a birthday.  Last night was a 25th Anniversary celebration with another group of friends.  It was fun and was filled with wine, good food, and lots of smiles and laughter with friends.  We missed a weekend night at the cabin but will be there shortly.  The Hubby is going to stay most of the day in town to do a bit of office work which only means that Monday at the office I will be busy, wait, I may have to go in on Sunday (tomorrow) to make sure it is in the mail...Nooooo!  You do what you have to do when you are self-employed.  I've also been a drawing fool the past few days, completing several sketches for future paintings.  Now I need to slap some paint on canvas.  The problem is that I'm finding time fleeting and my confidence too.  I'm proud of one sketch, my Daddy sitting in the lawn chair fishing (previous couple of posts back).  It is going to be a cool painting I think.

Speaking of Daddy, he has indeed reached his destination and hopefully will stay planted at least for a couple of months of the six he has promised.  This week I will begin the process of packing and tossing stuff in his home.  We had his mail forwarded to our house and that has started.  His first bill arrived that I need to pay.  The Hubby kind of ticked me off a bit the other night when we were discussing the process that is going to happen at the house.  He started talking about getting stuff packed and that he wants to get some of our guys over there to move the furniture out but that I needed to sweep first because it was so nasty and didn't want the guys to see it like that.  WHAT!  Well, I know it is nasty but you know what, it was MY home and I know it is but I'm not embarrassed by it.  I grew up in that house and if he wants to find it icky WELL!!!  Excuse me I don't know what got into me but I was angry I can tell you.  My parents are the 2nd owners of that house and have owned it themselves for about 46 or 47 years (my grandparents owned it before that.)  They were smokers and my mother was not a very good housekeeper.  She was completely the opposite of her mother who was a bit OCD with her house.  It was kind of weird but it is what it was and nothing can change that.  That relationship and really my mother's relationship with the house is done.  We are now going to fix the house up a bit for Daddy, to make him happy and comfortable and to kind of give him a new start.  I think that is what he is looking for, a cleansing.  He loved mother but he is ready to push ahead with life and I'm glad for him.  He talked the other day about when he comes back to town and taking some lady out on a date that he used to go to high school with.  Yeah, wrap your head around that.  51 years of marriage and it is a difficult concept but it happens everyday and I'm glad he's moving forward.  It is time.  I think the process of cleaning the house out and setting it up again with be good for all three of us "kids". 

My Granddaddy, (Momma's daddy) in front the house before siding and when they owned it.  Notice the date August 1955, a little less than year before I was born.

After the siding a few years ago.  Now the huge pine is gone along with the nandinas that Momma loved. 


Janie B said...

I'm sure this labor of love will turn out to be a great project. Good luck.

Kay said...

This is such a fantastic thing for you all to do for your dad. I can just imagine how ecstatic he'll be when he sees it.

Char said...

again, I say, you're a wonderful daughter