Monday, October 19, 2009

Elusive Sleep

Last night The Hubby stretched out on the couch with Clayton on his chest to take a quick nap.  The nap turned into snoring and grabbing a blanket and asking for the lights to be turned down along with the volume on the television.  Clayton and I headed for the bedroom about 10:30 to spend nearly three hours tossing and turning.  I watched the My Antonio, Tool Academy, and The Next Iron Chef show and usually I drop off but, not last night.  I even had to get up to use the bathroom twice.  I could not get comfortable in bed or with my body laying in it.  Sleep was elusive.  When the television/alarm went off at 4:45 this morning I realized The Hubby made his way to the bedroom sometime last night so I must have dropped off into a deep sleep at some point.  I didn't even hear him come to bed.  So here I sit at 5:30 a.m. finishing my first cup of coffee, blogging the early morning away.  I could go workout but I won't.  I need to get ready for work so that is what I'll have to do. 

I think I have figured out why I am not feeling the blog lately.  I actually feel boring.  I feel I'm a boring person right now and that my thoughts are boring.  That is sad, don't you think?  Nothing that comes out of my head and mouth are worth the time I feel.  It's just blah, blah, blah, blah.  Ick.  What is wrong with me.  maybe yesterdays sunshine and the next couple of days will help me feel better.  I'm going to put the top down on my car today.  May even drive to the office with the heater blowing and a heavy coat just to enjoy the air. 

This weekend was a wonderful time with friends, crisp fall weather, fireplaces blazing and food.  Yes, yummy food.  Friday night was awesome pulled pork sandwiches on Sin and Bare's deck around the firepit.  Saturday night was a fish fry at yet another cabin.  I made homemade blackberry and apple cobblers with the flakiest crust ever.  I could hardly get it rolled out it was so short.  I also fried up some fried green tomatoes from my Daddy's garden.  I kept some for us at home.  They are the last vestiges of summer.  Since they needed to be eaten hot I served them like an appetizer and everyone just popped they tart fried jewels in their mouth with their fingers.  (Sorry there are no pictures - see I'm just boring.)  Sometime this week I'm doing a pot of brown beans, cornbread and fried green tomatoes! 

This week and next will be a bit strange as Daddy prepares to drive to Arizona to hopefully/sadly stay for a few months with his sister.  I'm waffleing on this but if we can get him to stay a bit will be glad to get his house cleaned up.  We'll paint and carpet but that means a LOT of work packing up a lot of stuff and "hopefully" throwing out some stuff.  He won't have a problem if we do that and probably won't miss it.  It should be nice for him.  So stay tuned and I should have some pictures. 



hope everything goes well !

Char said...

i know this feeling - i do. i'm feeling much the same way, but you don't seem boring. two dinner parties sounds like a lot of fun.

hope your father's move goes well.

Laura R. said...

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Laura Ritchhart

Kay said...

Sounds like you have the yummiest, happiest parties! It all sounds delicious! Have another great weekend.