Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Usual Thursday

This is just a usual Thursday.  Workout, shower, play with Clayton, work, lunch, afternoon delight, work, home, nap, drink wine, fix dinner, drink wine, watch Survivor, drink wine, play on the computer...yes it is a usual Thursday, or a usual day, less the extra wine.  Not much going on in life but the mundane but I like it just fine.  I'm not going to work tomorrow and will hopefully get to sleep in a bit, not long as I have to get up and let the cleaning lady in.  Then I will meet my friend C at the Brush Creek Bazaar for the afternoon.  As I said there is not much here today and I'm not sure why but my mind is kind of blank. 

I do have a thought though about health insurance.  Yes, I may get a little political.  I really don't know which side this is all on and I really don't care.  All I care about is the betterment for the American people, or just people!  This probably comes from my recent visit for the untrasound on Monday.  I had to pay a $500 deductible for it and we will see how the insurance pays for it.  I think, yes I THINK, that if the insurance companies would attend to the fact that paying for preventive medicine/care, then we would effectively save money, but wait, I think the insurance companies have a vested interest in keeping us sick so we can buy more pharmecuticals from the med companies which influences the insurance companies...OH IT IS SUCH A VICIOUS CIRCLE!  Where will it all end.  Is is driven by greed.  YES, I say it is.  Rise up and take a stand against...Oh gosh, I've had a whole bottle of wine tonight.  That is not good.  Oh well, maybe I'll get some traffic on this little babble, do you think. 


Char said...

I often think my mom would still be alive today if america had an affordable healthcare system. right now i'm without healthcare because i'm unemployed. sure, if i have an emergency i can get care - at the highest cost possible and would hurt the health care system because i couldn't afford the bill after.

Kay said...

I'm right there with you. I just had a huge e-mail argument (ummm... discussion) with a Republican friend of mine.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Sounds like a great Thursday, especially the afternooon.

Its kind of hard to have a rational discussion on health care. The US spends about 16% of its gross national product on health care compared to 10% average for other industrialized countries and yet we have 40 million people +/- not covered and the 47th highest life expectancy.

Something has to give. I know that and I'm a Republican.