Wednesday, October 28, 2009

He's there and a book signing.

Well, Daddy has arrived at his destination for the next 6 months and I am relieved.  I was terribly worried about him driving such a long way by himself but it is fine.  Now we can proceed to packing the house up and make it sort like new again.  I have a feeling my painting days may be at more of a minimum for a few months as free time, what little I have, will be spent at Daddy's.  There is a lot to do. 

Green/red tomatoes from Daddy's garden.  The egg basket was my great-grandmothers.  May paint this.

Last night I went to the book signing of The Pioneer Woman Cooks new cookbook.  My copies arrived from Amazon so I was ready.  I decided I would arrive at 6:30 (time to start at 7) to beat the crowd.  Uh, well, I was very wrong.  The parking lot was jam packed already and I ended up having to park nearly to Woodward park and walk.  I hefted my books in my arms, rueing the idea of wearing my boots and took off walking to the Historical Society building.  I walked in and the place was PACKED!  WOW!  I was told that books to buy were in one room but since I had my own I could go to another room for the t-shirts.  I didn't really want to buy a t-shirt but I had nothing else to do and there were no seats to fight over so there I went.  Well, the t-shirts were free.  That was a plus.  Unfortunately the XL size was fit for a lady 10 sizes smaller than me.  I will look like a lumpy turd in the brown thing, but it is cute.  There was a sea of people in the building but I managed to spy a few I knew.  Ree Drummond finally made her appearance, chatted a bit, introduced her cute family, Marlboro Man! and brother Mike were among.  The audience got to ask a few questions while Mike joined her at the front to observe and give her a little courage to talk to the masses.  Finally, the book signing began.  They offered free beverages and cupcakes of which I only had a bottle of water.  Cupcakes are a no-no for me, besides I had a cookie at art class.  I stood and waited and waited and waited.  I milled around a bit and then made my way back to my corner to wait some more.  I finally spied a chair and decided to sit for a bit and wait some more.  They ran out of books so some left and when the crowd made their way to the front for the face time, pictures and signing they would leave opening up the room a bit.  I waited and waited.  Some men were in attendance,  but the place was mostly packed with the female persuasion.  The most popular thing was to have your picture taken with Ree's handsome hubby Marlboro Man.  Some young ladies in front of me snagged a young man, Matt who is Ree's best friend Hyacinth's son, who is in the book to have him sign and pose with.  They were just giddy over the cute little thing.  The clock was ticking away and I was constantly checking my watch.  The "show" was to be over at 9 but it rolled around to 8:45 and seemed that the crowd was not diminishing at all.  To make it worse was that if it kept proceeding like it was I would be the very last in line to have my books signed.  That's it.  I gave up the wait.  5 am is just way too early and I was too sleepy to be sitting and waiting for this.  I've met the lady before and decided I didn't want it that bad.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll catch her at our in-common hair dresser someday, again. 


Kay said...

What a relief that your father arrived safely at his destination. Good luck on the work you'll be doing at his place.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You remind me of me. I would have hung back and then gone home also. I love my sleep.

Char said...

yeah, an autograph is just not that important to me either.

Debbie said...

And to think she got all that fame from a blog!