Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Green!  Green is my favorite color.  Today as I was driving back home after workout with Mr. Wade I was totally enjoying the drive.  The sun was in full early morning glory at a few minutes before 7 am and making the trees and grass this glorious color of green.  That is exactly why green is my favorite color.  It is the color of the outside and I so love it.  Green is new and fresh, new beginnings, spring.  When winter is here and the trees are nothing but sticks poking up to the sky I am so depressed but look now at the fullness and freshness that are the trees now, green.  Green also has other meanings now.  Green can be envy.  Green can be young and inexerienced.  Green is ecology.  Green is recycling.  Green is renewal.  Green is natural.  Makes sense doesn't it.  In 1973, my Senior year of high school I took Ecology class.  My favorite class.  Ecology is not new.  It has been an idea for many years and it seems that I have kind of fallen down on the job with it.  I don't recycle.  Don't condemn me, I tried several years ago and failed miserably.  Now The Hubby is very reluctant to get on board with it even though in our own way we do the little things.  He, not me, showers with turning the water off and on during wash and rinse cycles of his scrubbing.  I do sometimes too.  My kitchen is littered with the half-sheet paper towels that he uses to dry his hands.  He drapes them to dry and reuse until they fall apart.  I think using a tea towel would be better.  I am saving the newspapers for B right now but glass and plastic I am failing on that part.  I think I will have to force The Hubby into it.  It is just a matter of time before the city will force us too anyway and I think that is a good thing.  Green, my favorite color and way of life, hopefully. 


Flea said...

Recycling in Tulsa is so frustrating! I'm not a big green advocate, but I am frugal, and I can't stand to throw away recyclable containers. But recycling here? Gah! We've discovered a recycling place somewhere in Broken Arrow, so instead of paying the city every month to come pick up my recyclables, Chris drops them off when our bins are full. It's awesome and it's free. They also employ those who have trouble finding other jobs - special needs folk - and they're friendly, hard working and efficient. I'll find out where he goes for that if you'd like.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Great post! I love green too :)