Friday, May 28, 2010

Hammock Time

'Tis the season.  Yes it is Hammock Time.  My season for lounging around in the hammock is upon me and I'm so very happy.  My favorite place to be when at the cabin is truly the hammock.  I bought this hammock while in Door County Wisconsin several years ago and I am very careful with taking care of it.  I never, NEVER leave it out in the rain and store it after every use.  I've spent many an hour laying in this hammock looking up at the sky and wondering.  I love watching the clouds, the trees, the birds flitting by.  It is truly my favorite thing to do at the cabin. 
I sleep.  I read.  I rest.  I regroup my thinking and I do no thinking.  Do you have a favorite place.  A place you can call your own.  This hammock is mine and I'm very territorial about it.  It is calling my name right now.  The weekend is upon us and I am ready, well, after I go to the grocery store and pack up the shorts and bathing suit.  Memorial Day here we come!  A book or two to read.  My drawing tablet and pencils.  I'm there.
(Side note:  My concern on the art show is unfounded.  If I just read the email a bit more carefully I would see that my framed pictures will be just fine.  I will have the info about the show at the Savage Gallery soon.)


Flea said...

Oooo! I miss our hammock. My kids used to get into it and play human pinata with the wiffle bat.

Territory Mom said...

What a great hammock. My place is my garden. Have a great weekend.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I used to have a hammock at our old house. Every time I got in it though, here would come Sweetie worrying and warting about all that needed done. No hammocks for me! So enjoy yours.