Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vet Day

Yes it was Vet Day today but it was really veternarian day today for little Clayton.  It was a big day for him.  I made the appointment at the vet that his previous owner took him too and so today, off we went.  He was in need of his shots, nail clipping, etc.  The doc gave him his shots, weighed him and then took him in the other room to clip his nails AND to empty his anal sacs.  ICK!  You know I have had dogs all my life but that is one thing that I have never known that needed to be done and after a little research have found out that there is a bit of debate whether it should be done or not.  Some vets say that if the dogs scoot their butts on the ground or chew then they might not need to have it done and will have rectified (LOL) the situation themselves.  Well, I say if you are going to rectify that little situation on my vintage rug you will be trotted right off to the vet to have it DONE FOR YOU!  Definitely a learning day today for Clayton.  Oh, and the vet also decided that he needed to have his teeth cleaned and my experience before is that they knock the animal out to have it done.  I watched as he had a tech hold Clayton and he proceeded to clean his teeth with no anthestitic, scrapping and scratching.  He was a good boy.  Tonight when I returned home from bowling Clayton was glad to see me but he was definitely subdued and he seems to be either embarrassed or even in pain.  You know when I get my teeth cleaned sometimes I have to take some Advil or something if it was a little rough so that could be the problem.  He also could be embarrassed by having his butt squeezed, I would!  Hopefully tomorrow he will be better after a good nights rest.  Poor little guy.


Janie B said...

Oh, poor Clayton. Aren't you loving having a puppy around? I am, despite the torn up toys, accidents in the hallway, and being constantly underfoot. I just love dogs.

Flea said...

We've never had a dog's butt squeezed. And only once in a blue moon do they try that carpet trick. I drag their butts outside before they get very far with that. Nasty.

Kay said...

Awww... poor little Clayton. I hope he feels better soon, too.

♥georgie♥ said...

I never knew that about the anal sac...our lil doggers scoots her bootie on the grass I just thought she was a silly doggers know I know there is a reason behind it

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Yes, one of the lovely things a groomer should do whenever you have a dog groomed, is to express the anal sacs.
Vet's do them if they are inpacted, but most dogs, express them when they go to the bathroom..
Being a vet tech for thirty years, it's one of the lovely secrets we deal with over and over.
It sounds like a big day was had by all !