Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Monday on Tuesday

Today was a whirlwind.  We had yet another peaceful night with the new guy Clayton, and were all up at the usual time, 5 am.  Clayton started waking us up then with little kisses and stretching, ready to visit the outdoor potty.  Works for us as that is the usual time for us to rise.  I went to workout and came back to take him on a short walk like yesterday.  Then it was a quick shower and off to the office.  Not much to do because the mailman didn't deliver the mail on Saturday and it still hadn't run when I had to leave for the new session of my art class.  Yes, that started again and I was ready with the sunflower I had been working on at home all by myself.  I will post a final picture on the art blog when I can get a correct capture of the blue background.  It's so dark that I am having a time trying to take a picture.  After class, which I stayed a little late so that I could sign the painting, it was off to the house to drop off my art supplies and painting.  I needed to hit the pet store for some toys for our little guy and a larger carrier.  We used to have four of them but when we lost all our little kitties a few years ago I donated them to Street Cats.  Rushing off to the pet store I walked out with my arms full of doggie things and then had to swing by the grocery for milk and something to cook for dinner.  That done I attempted to try and get out of the stupid parking lot.  There were some nut cases out there today.  You would think it was Friday and not Tuesday.  I finally pulled into the house yet again and there on the front porch was the new doggie bed I had ordered last week.  Gargage door down I began to unload my car, again.  Clayton was so very excited to see me and was even more excited to see his new toys.  Oh my gosh!   He was tearing through the house like a rocket with each of his toys.  The sqeaky ones he loves, really loves.  I spent over an our just throwing them in the house and he was slipping and sliding all over our wood floors.  I have been home for nearly two and a half hours and he has yet to stop, except to eat a bit of dinner, but that won't last long in his little belly.  It has been truly a Monday on a Tuesday today.  I'm pooped!


Janie B said...

Don't you just love puppy energy? My little Pearl is running me crazy. When I get home from work, she is so excited she bounces from floor to chair to ottoman to couch and then slides across the coffee table. It's hilarious! Wish I had that much vigor!

Debbie said...

5 a.m.? Isn't that the middle of the night?

Daryl said...

Puppy love, its the best