Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little Accident

This morning I decided to stay home from workout after a late night of birthday fun with friends.  Tried to sleep in but that was not to be as my back was doing the spasm thing again.  Luckily this morning I have a massage/facial thing to go to that should help the spasm.  Ever since we took the Ireland trip I've had these muscle spasms in my back.  I think it is from trying to manuever in and out of airplane seats.  Anyway, back to the little accident.  I came into my room to check out the blogging world with Clayton in fast pursuit.  He was sitting on the footstool and I tossed his toy down the hallway.  Jumping off the stool I guess he slipped on the wood floor and I heard a crack.  He immediately started crying, his eyes closed and hunkering down on the floor.  What scared me most is that his head was pulling to the right and a little back.  OH MY GOD!  I thought he had broken his neck.  We've had him all of 5 days and I've already had a pet injury.  My worst nightmare.  I scooped him up talking softly to him as he whimpered and cried and ran to the garage as The Hubby was taking out the trash and getting ready to leave.  I told him what happened as he came over to see about Clayton.  Clayton's eyes were still kind of closed, his ears were back and he was pretty still.  I was scared.  When The Hubby came over to him he opened his eyes and responded.  He seemed better and was not crying so I put him down to see if he broke a leg, his neck, something.  He acted fine, well, a little subdued but his ears were up and his tail was wagging.  Now, about 30 minutes later I checked on him on his blanket and what has happened is that he slipped and hit his chin on the floor.  It has a bump on it.  He bruised it.  Poor little baby.  I feel terrible for the little guy.  I was afraid he would hurt himself on these slick wood floors.  We are just going to have to be careful with that.  He now won't come down the hallway into my room to sit with me.  Ah, now there could be a silver lining there as he may not get into my paints anymore but I doubt it. 

Check out the art blog.  I finished the sunflower picture and hopefully got a fairly decent picture. 


Bren said...

I love your work... BIG FAN!
The autumn leafs in the side bar is one of my favorites.
ENJOY the last days of summer - from the BGgarden.

Flea said...

Poor little thing! It never would have occurred to me. I love watching a dog go skittering across a tile floor. :)

♥georgie♥ said...

awwww carla i am so glad clayton is okay...i was holding breath reading this and hoping for the best

Janie B said...

Poor little Clayton. I'm glad he is okay. He might have learned a lesson though that will keep him safer in the future.

Heading over to see the sunflower pic now!

carma said...

Oh no! Poor Clayton. Hope he is doing better..