Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What, can you say that again, I can't hear you!

What, can you say that again, I can't hear you. Huh...just a minute while I try to get my clogged ear open. Since I had that darned head cold a couple of weeks ago my ears are an absolute mess. I am trying not to have to go to the doctor but I may have to give in. First the left ear was sloshy but healed, now the right ear is very sloshy, swollen and very stopped up. It actually is better today but it is driving me crazy. On top of that I had another spot under my arm but it is healing quickly. B has a dear friend that is, I believe a nurse practitioner and she said the staff infection I have will always be with me. I will have flair ups that can happen when my immunities are low. Great I really wanted to hear that but I think deep inside I knew that. What a real downer. Well, I will just have to keep myself healthy and continue the weight loss and exercise.

Today is the beginning of a very busy time for us. Yesterday I finished paying bills for the year at the office and personally and then came home to more in the mail. Well, I'll finish, again, today. This is also the last week for payroll so The Hubby and I have to discuss bonuses for the guys. We have a lot to do at the office to wrap up the year. We also closed on the new property and that has been lots of phone calls to utilities, insurance, just people. We've started moving in the overflow from our other shop but the guy we bought it from hasn't moved out yet. And to add to this, the other guy is going to rent the building we bought last year from us. So he is moving out and in and we are moving out and in. It's getting a little to crazy for me so I only want The Hubby to fill me in on stuff when it is absolutely necessary that I need to know. All this stuff at Christmas has me shaking my head. It's no wonder I've been sick.

My most important thing this week is my next appointment with the therapist. It's funny that this week I've been too busy and sick to be too depressed, which is a good thing. Now, see with that said I don't feel that the therapist is necessary but sure as I have some time on my hands I'm get down again so with that said I'll continue. It can only be a good thing for me. Just one session has given me some food for thought.

I was planning on doing some baking this week but just have not had the time. I need to make my fruitcake but that would mean having to visit the grocery store for some butter and eggs and I just don't know if I want to go there again. Yikes the people. The intensity of people banging shopping carts around for the Christmas holidays is intensified by the icy weather. It is like the sky is falling.

Last night and tonight we are fairly low key but the rest of the week is a whir. Tomorrow night is a holiday party at our bank. Thursday night is a holiday party at a friends house. Friday night is the Peter Mayer concert and dinner with friends. (Peter Mayer also tours with Jimmy Buffet.) Then Saturday is the day of B's graduation party here at the house. We have a caterer and about 50 guests showing up. Today my cleaning lady will be here to spruce up the house so that will be taken care of. Oh and then Sunday A comes home!!!!! I can't wait to see her. It has been since August since she was here.

I know this entry is a disjointed. Maybe the next one my mind will be a little more, well, a little more.


Kim said...

Oh, I hate clogged ears. I had mine cleaned out by an ENT guy and it was a miracle to hear again!

Kay said...

I'm sorry for the flare ups you've been getting, Jill. This can be a stressful time of year. I don't know how you're managing to do everything you're doing. You are amazing.