Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

Here it is the day after a whirlwind Christmas season for me. We celebrated the last of the Christmas parties at B&B2's last night with one of the BIL and the MIl. B served spaghetti and it was quite delicious since most of the week consisted of appetizer meals from all the parties we attended. We opened presents and had a most wonderful end of the day.

This morning unfortunately I awoke with my chin swelled and again I am dealing with the stupid MRSA virus. I decided to refill the antibiotic that I had left and have another go around with it. I want my body to heal on it's own but probably not going to happen. It needs a boost since I can't get over the head cold that has lodged in my ears. Since it has appeared on my face I will stay in for the weekend and not venture out. It also tends to leave somewhat of a scar, a discoloration for awhile. I just want to get well.

On to better things. Here are some pic's of the Christmas we celebrated with my family. My Daddy, brother and his family and sister and her family. It was a very nice day but poor Sis was sick too. We changed it up and shared in a brunch. I did egg casseroles, Sis did sausage, bacon, gravy and biscuits and the Bro brought homemade cinnamon rolls (his daughter made) like Momma used to make. Turned out to be a great day.
DaddyToo much good cheer!Bro and nephew trying to figure out the erector setSis and Ben


Kay said...

I'm reading backwards, Jill. I didn't realize you had MRSA. I'm so sorry. Take care. I'll be thinking about you.

ed said...
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