Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bowling Alley Food

Yesterday we were back to bowling league after the Thanksgiving holidays and I must say I kicked butt. My average is 136. Yesterday, the first game I bowled a 127, 161 and 165. I did awesome. I have too because my two teammates are more awesome. They are two guys, brothers, identical twin brothers that have averages OVER 200 and they usually meet that average. (I hang my head low.) I have to be the best I can be. I am capable of lobbing that purple ball down those greasy alleys, and sometimes it just doesn't work, but yesterday I did pretty good. We bowled another team of three women, two of which are mother and daughter. They really look alike too, not look actually but in body shape. I have had my weight issues, still do and always will but I DO NOT eat bowling alley food anymore. The ladies went to the grill and ordered burgers, chicken tenders and fries for their dinner. The grill was backed up and they started getting angry that their food was going to be late and we were almost through with bowling. They went down and complained and soon after the food arrived. They took bites of the food and complained it was cold. First they complain it was late, then they complain it was cold but what can you expect from bowling alley food anyway. You can expect to add a few pounds onto your very large thighs and little cholestrol to your blood, that is what you can expect! I guess I am reverse prejudice. I am by no means a thin person but I have changed my eating habits tremedously over the years, and I do relapse, that is a given, but really.

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Kimberly said...

Great scores!

I never ate bowling alley food because it made my hands greasy and then I'd drop the ball behind me. :)