Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, we had the Peter Mayer concert on Friday night, the graduation party here on Saturday night, and last night A came home so we had a family dinner. I cooked fried chicken like my Momma used to make, mashed potatoes and gravy and broccoli. Tonight we went to a wedding reception for my friend's son and new bride. Tomorrow night we then go to The Hubby's mother's new place and have part of his side of the family Christmas (the rest will be Christmas Eve). Then we move on to Christmas eve and two places to be and Christmas Day and two more places to be. Oh my goodness, I'm going to need all of January to catch up on sleep and work off the extra pounds from too much Holiday food.

I'm supposed to bring an appetizer dish for Christmas eve and egg casseroles for Christmas brunch at my sisters. The egg casseroles need to be made the night before and so do a couple of appetizers I need to make. I'm going to make a hot artichoke dip that is to die for. I also got another recipe from a friend that is a sandwich that is put together and marinated overnight then heated in the very yummy. I'll try to have the recipes here later. Goodness I'm going to be busy.

Uh oh now The Hubby is letting A and her friend J watch his practice dance I am going to bed and bury my head. If I have to listen to that song again I'm going to SCREAM!!!!!


Kay said...

You have such a busy, wonderful life. Have a wonderful holiday!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Enjoy your holiday!

Char said...

I love any post that includes "like my momma used to make." Sounds yummy. Thanks for adding me to your blog following.