Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Lots and lots of happenings in our lives this week and it is only Wednesday.

First, we finally signed on the dotted line for the commercial property. I don't feel just real good about the deal because even though we have the keys and a signed deal the "previous" owner is still on the property but should be out by the end of the week. And, to top off the whole thing The Hubby has possibly offered one of our other properties for him to rent from us. I kind of don't have a good feeling about this guy and I have stated my concerns but not sure if it will be heeded.

Last night we went out to dinner with two couples we are friends with at the lake. They came to our house first for drinks. We then went to Lucky's for a wonderful dinner and wonderful chatter and laughter. It was a very nice evening and it really pushed me to get the house in better order, especially my very messy room.

Today was our company party. The Hubby always wants to wait until the very last minute to send out the invites via email or fax and some phone calls. So today is Wednesday and he said to sent them out on Monday. Well, that strategy did not play well this time. We had so much less people than before and lots of food leftover. He was pretty sad that it turned out that way. He said that this may be the last year and that is just fine with me although I told him that we need to at least have a party for our employees. Oh well, at least we are done with it for another year and can deal with it next year.

So we had the party, closing and then I had to rush off to bowling. When I was through and coming in the house The Hubby was leaving for his group dance lesson. Oh and I am not his partner anymore,at least for awhile. He has found another willing guinea pig to take my place, our daughter B. Yippee!!! She goes with him to the private lesson too. Double Yippee!!!

Three nights in a row of not cooking dinner. Monday he went for Jamils, last night was dinner at Lucky's and tonight was leftover beans and cornbread. I heated up my dinner and got a Diet Pepsi out of the little refrigerator in the garage and as I was heading to the kitchen sink and twisting the top off the bottle it exploded fizzy Diet Pepsi in my face, on my arms, all over the floor and cabinet doors. Well, the thing was nearly frozen. Yup, I knew what had happened. The Hubby had cooked all that brisket and ribs for the company party and our refrigerators were full but needed to cool down the meat pretty quick. He had turned the little fridge to maximum so all, and I mean ALL my Diet Pepsi's were frozen. Yeah he was in trouble as I was washing sticky stuff off of my cheek. Yuck.

Tomorrow night is another Christmas open house party at our financial advisers office and then on Friday we are off to see Cirque Du Soliel with B&B. Then Saturday is a Christmas luncheon at the lake and Sunday I'm supposed to have 7 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange. Can you guess which one I have already begged off on, the cookie exchange. Next week is even busier with Tuesday - Friday booked solid. I still have one more present to get and I almost forgot that my niece's birthday is the 17th....oh my goodness this month is going to be an absolute blur.

And for those who have following my saddness, I have made an appointment with a therapist for Friday. Maybe he can give me some perspective on my sadness. Thanks everyone.


Donna Baker said...

Girl you are something else. With a schedule like yours, I'd need some...well I'm not sure. Nevertheless, you go girl!

Kay said...

Good gosh, Jill! Your schedule is overly filled. It's no wonder it can get you down. You must be stressed out. I hope you're getting enough sleep because that can affect your mood, too. Please take care of yourself.

Kim said...

Oh, man, exploding sodas are the worst.

Hopefully the therapist can help you. It helps me. :)