Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Dance

Just got home from dinner with The Hubby.  It's dancing night but I bowed out tonight as I've dealing with and I mean DEALING WITH Daddy stuff.  I will post about it probably in a few days when things settle down.  Anyway, home from dinner and as I am coming down my street and putting the garage door up I see a girl on the elderly neighbors doorstep.  At first I thought it might be there daughter but as I pulled into the drive, my windows down I hear, "Howdy neighbor.  I just live a couple of streets over.  How are you this evening, blah, blah, blah."  I knew right then and there she was selling something and I was going to go over and take care of my neighbors.  I got out of the car, leaving the garage door open and went around to get my purse and the take home food and of course here she comes spewing the same spiel.  She actually came right into my garage right up to me and that disturbed me.  She asked me if I went to college or my husband and then asked me if I liked baseball or softball.  She said something about a local college too.  I was not in a good mood.  This was not a day to cross me.  I bluntly asked her what she was selling.  The smile fell and she said, "Children's books."  I said, "You need to leave."  I waved my hand to go away and kind of pushed her to move out of my garage.  She said, "You didn't need to say it like that."  Whatever!  She went across the street to C's and I quickly called the police.  Something did not feel right about this whole set up and my mind went to something about letting a young girl in and she stabbed and robbed them, here in my town!  C from across the street sent her on her way and she went to the neighbor on the other side of us and got no response.  Then she went across the street again and I saw Mr.M open his door.  Uh oh, I called the neighbor across the street and told her what I did and then I called Mr.M's phone but it went to voice mail which told me his wife was gone while he chatted with Miss Cute Young Thing.  I watched and watched and OH NO!!!!!!  He let her in and the front door shut.  I knew that was not good.  These kind of people want to case your house or do bodily harm.  I called C again and she said, "Let me go next door and ring the bell."  I watched as she did and they whole crew came out.  Miss Cute Young Thing didn't stop at another house but proudly walked off with Mr.M's check.  I went across the street to talk to Mr.M and C about it and he said he is so gullible.  We voiced our concerns about them casing the house or possibly bodily harm and then he asked if we thought he should stop his check. YES,  HELL YES!  He asked if I saw where she went and I pointed.  When I went inside I noticed his truck was gone.  I bet you anything he went after her to get his check back.  Hope he did.  CREEPY!

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Flea said...

Well crap. And the police never came?