Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Been A Year

Well, not really but it sure feels like it here.  My last post was Monday and that has got to be the longest I have gone between posts.  Feels kind of weird like I'm breaking a habit or "addiction".  This past week has brought tons of doctor appointments, time with Daddy and time with our youngest that has come home for a visit.  This girl, me, has been incredibly busy this week. 

A drove all the way from California, by herself and made it here safely.  Sadly she is to venture back the same way on Sunday and so my stomach will be in knots again.  She had a driving need to see her PaPa, my Daddy, afraid he was sicker than were letting on.  It was just good medicine for both of them.  He absolutely adores her beautiful face and spirit. 

Now to update the Daddy info.  We had 3 doctor appointments this week.  Tuesday, Bro met Daddy at the infectious disease doctor which turned out to be about 4-1/2 hours long, including the wait for the van back to the nursing home.  They took tons of blood and then on Wednesday we met with the hip doctor.  My turn.  We were told that the infection is still there but they feel it is almost beat and put him on oral antibiotics and put him on the schedule for the new hip!  The best news ever.  Daddy was so happy, but wait, the next available date to do the surgery, July 21.  I thought Daddy was going to have a stroke.  "No, No, No...I can't wait that long.  I'm wasting my life away here."  Oh, poor guy.  We got him calmed down and then the lady paged the doc who emphasized that he be moved to the top of the cancellation list, Top Priority!  That eased Daddy a bit.  When we got back to the nursing home the staff doctors physician's assistant came in and talked to us.  The physical therapy people feel that he is at the end of what they can do for him and that he is using up his days in the skilled nursing facility.  The hip doctor wanted him to see his regular doctor because on top of the infection he has anemia and they want him to treat Daddy for that.  So today I met him at his regular doctor and they took more blood and also feels that if we are okay with it that there is no reason why he can't go home.  If he goes home then the July 21 day is not so bad, he would be home.  The only thing would be that he would need one of those life alert things so that if he falls he could get help.  Monday we have a meeting with the powers that be at the nursing home and I would bet he would be home by the end of the week.  So I have got to research the life alert thingy, find his walker and we need to get some groceries.  I will continue to pay his bills and will need someone to bring his paper to his door.  I told him that I will be okay with it just as long as he DOES NOT go out in the backyard, down two steps.  HE HAS NO HIP! 

So how is everyone else.  It's like no one is here when you don't post often.  I hope to get back to it and even have a few ideas to write about.  Stay tuned my friends.


Kay said...

Your dad is so lucky to have you. It sure is a worry though, isn't it?

Char said...

i know your dad does appreciate you. you are such a great daughter.