Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What is wrong with me.  I just don't understand what the problem is here.  I get absolutely NOTHING out of my brain to put down here lately.  I pull up the screen and stare blankly.  There is so much going on in my life right now that you would think I could write about something but NOTHING!   So I'm just going to add a few pictures while I think of something to share here. 
Pretty clouds.  I'm so glad spring is finally here.  I love looking all around and seeing the trees so lush and green.  Truly makes me happy. 
Our huge tree in the back yard.  The next big project, when we recoup from the room addition, is to tear out this old patio and create an outdoor living space and outdoor kitchen.

News on the painting.  This is the 5x5 and it was sold!  Yeah, it will now reside in someones house.  I am happy.  Now I have to think of next years project, maybe cherry tomatoes.

Sweet A.  I just adore this picture even though it is a few years old.  She drove from California all by herself last Sunday and we had a wonderful visit.  She then climbed back into her cute little white car and drove herself back.  I was relieved to get the phone call that she was back to her "other" home.  Unfortunately she has had some bumps in her life lately and hopefully she won't be mad if I share them.  She and her guy of 4 years have split, a friendly split, somewhat.  Now she has to find new digs and get the career into full swing.  On her way back home she got some terrible news, while on the road.  One of her dear friends in high school Sean was killed in ta head on collision in Arkansas this past weekend and she was just devastated.  So very sad and he was such a fun loving great guy.  Sad things but you know these are some of the bumps and horrible ruts in the road of life.  I am so proud of her striking out like she is and I have all the confidence in her that she will succeed. 


The Napkin Dad said...

It was very sad to hear about Sean. He was great friends with my daughter, Connie. He lived in our subdivision in BA actually. I spoke to Connie yesterday and she said she was lucky enough to have seen him on a visit to Arkansas over the winter. Odd, my daughter Chelsea heard the same news while she was on an epic road trip as well.

Flea said...

It has been CLOUD HEAVEN in Tulsa of late! And congratulations on selling the painting!

Afton said...

Hi Marty - I called Chelsea to tell her the news the moment I heard because I knew she was traveling as well. I left the day she got to Tulsa.

It was a hard, grueling trip - a total test of will.

Momma - Thanks for all the support and faith you have in me. It really makes me feel so much stronger knowing I have you cheering me along and helping along these "bumps".
I love you immensely.