Monday, May 09, 2011

What A Day

What a day I've had.  First was the phone call from A as she finally stopped her drive home to rest in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I had just dozed off about 11 when she called not more than 15 minutes later.  Glad to hear she was safe for the evening but then I couldn't go back to sleep.  Finally about 1:30 I drifted off again to be jarred out of sleep at the usual time of 5 am.  Whew, I didn't want to get up for sure but the treadmill was calling my name.  I did the workout and readied myself for Monday.  B and I decided to go downtown and try a new restaurant, Hey Mambo, quite yummy.  We had the plan to go by the Tulsa Arts Coalition building to see if our 5x5's had sold.  It was closed, but we could see in the window that hers was still there and HOORAY, my had the sold sticker.  I'm happy.  After lunch we went to Target to get pillows for A to sleep on and a shirt for Daddy.  He has decided to go to the Pioneer Dinner this Saturday.  He has a day pass and his good friend Jay is taking him.  There's a lady that has Daddy's eye and he wanted to look good.  I found a couple of sharp shirts and a pair of leather slip-on shoes he loves.  Now if we can get his hair trimmed.  After Target we went to the Borders that is closing and perused the bookshelves for some bargains.  I LOVE bookstores and am sad it it closing.  Dropping B back at the office I went to the grocery store and then home.  The idea was a quick nap to get me through the evening while we wait for A to arrive.  I was wrong as the hearing aid place called and Daddy's broken hearing aid was ready for pick up.  Well, drat.   The lost one that they are remaking will be ready Friday.  Tomorrow and Wednesday Daddy has some important doctor appointments and I think it is imperative that he is able to hear so back in my car I go.  I picked it up and then took him the fixed hearing aid.  I ended up spending over an hour just visiting with him and the new hearing aid.  He loved the new shirts and shoes and was a Chatty-Cathy.  I so hope he gets good news at the appointments.  Tomorrow is the infectious disease doctor which Bro will attend and Wednesday is the hip doctor which I will attend.  See, what a day I've had.  Now we wait for A to breeze into town for a few days. 

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