Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Weight Watchers

I've waited till this evening to post because I wanted to inform about my first Weight Watchers meeting in a very, very long time.  The first time I did the WW gig it was canned tuna and liver, that would be the late 70's.  I've done it after that, after the first girly was born in 1979 and was again successful.  I've really not done a specific diet since then, only my own thing but I've been able to loose about 50 pounds on my own.  It is now time to get serious because I'm older and have really no obstacles, no reasons why not.  I had signed up online so thought I would just go to the meetings too, not so.  I arrived and the lady said absolutely not, that I could not even come into the meeting, WHAT!  Okay, I only signed up for a 3 month plan online so I would cancel that and sign up there.  I was NOT going to walk away from there, that would be an excuse.  No problem, sign me up!  While waiting in line a lady walked in that we used to go to church with.  Her husband soon followed and I got to visit with them a bit about our kiddos.  I sat through the meeting of clapping and oohs and ahhhs and stars given out and readied myself for the challenge.  After the meeting I looked up from my chair to see our friend B standing there.  She and her new hubby K were married a year ago, remember K was The Hubby's best friend and lost his wife, my dear friend Gail nearly 5 years ago.  I was glad to see a friend there and know I won't be alone.  Well all, here is the beginning of a new journey and I'm draggin' you all with me.  Enjoy the ride, it will surely be a roller coaster!  The weigh in was ICKY!  Christmas was not kind, or two weeks of not working out.  I'm back though. 


Katydid said...

My sis lost 100 lbs in the 70's on that "tuna" program! I love WW new program. I think I can do it!
Good luck on your weight loss endeavors!

Kay said...

Sigh... I need to get out there and do some exercise, too. I broke that resolution without even making it.

Alli said...

good luck! Way to stick to your guns and do it!