Friday, March 13, 2009

First the man bra then ...

First we had the man bra as seen on Seinfield, then we had the murse, now we have... Mantyhose. What will they think of next. These pictures are just hilarious.

Now back to more serious stuff. I am finally here at the cabin on a Friday afternoon and plan on staying here until at least Wednesday, without The Hubby. Oh, he will be here for the weekend but will go back to town on Sunday leaving me to totally enjoy myself. I've brought 2 books, my paints, my laptop (duh) and I'm going to sleep, sleep, sleep. I know he really doesn't understand my need for a little vacation but I so need it. This past week has just been crazy.

This morning didn't help things out. I slept so hard last night that I didn't even hear the TV alarm go off. I was out. I finally pushed myself out of bed and realized that my legs were going to be a problem today. Yesterday, Wade, my trainer, had me doing tons of squats across the room. Then last night The Hubby wanted to go to the Home and Garden show at the QT Center. Man, walking on that hard concrete on iffy legs at that just took a toll on my lower half. I did get up and the first thing I did was to shuffle off to the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee and load the dishwasher. The sink was full and I didn't want to leave it for him this week. While I was in the shower the stupid 3 year old drawer dishwasher(s) started acting up. When I went into the kitchen they both were beeping to beat the band and I didn't even turn the bottom one on. I couldn't make it stop. So I called the electrician hubby and he wasn't a lot of help. He had me go to the breaker box in the garage and find the one marked dishwasher. Well, again I am married to the electrician and we have state of the art kind of electrical boxes and home automation stuff. I finally found a breaker that was listed "Spare Under Sink". Well, guess what that was the dishwasher, not a spare. Will have to fix that later. Just now The Hubby called and he was working on the stupid thing and the warning was that the flood alarm was going off. What now! Oh well, I'm gone for a few days and it is in his hands. I'm not going to worry about it. He's the gadget guru, not me, I'm on vacation.

Other news is that Sis is home from the hospital, but not on good terms with her doctor, AT ALL! She has been begging for days to go home but they wanted to wait and let the IV meds get her blood thinner, very slowly. She is not a good hospital person but she has been absolutely on her best behavior this time. The cardiologist, who is not her regular one was not going to let her go. She wanted to have an injection kind that they give in her belly that she has had many times before so she could go home. The assistant Dr. was in agreement with Sis and this morning when the assistant Dr. went to the cardiologist again to plead Sis's case the cardiologist burst into her room slamming the door open scaring Sis half to death. Uh, you don't do that to a cardio patient! He yelled, I said yelled, at her that she was giving his staff problems and that if she wanted to go home then she could go home and deal with it. Sis was in tears and shock. When she and her husband left they were handed a card for an appointment at his office in April and she told them NO WAY would she ever set eyes on him again. Then they went to her regular GP doctor and he was infuriated with the whole scene and they both are filing formal charges against the doctor. Can you imagine the nerve of the guy. I don't see Sis get upset, crying upset very often. This was just uncalled for. Anyway, she is home and that is a good thing.

Thanks everyone for the good wishes and prayers for Sis and me. I so appreciate it.


Char said...

that is totally uncalled for and to a sick person too? not right

Kay said...

Good for your sister and her GP to follow through and file a complaint. If they don't, this horrible doctor could continue to behave in that deplorable way.

Sandy said...

Your poor Sis! That is just ridiculous behavior !

I came by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood:0)

Just Lisa said...

Oh, enjoy your vacation! That's what I need, I real vacation, away from my whole family!

I'm glad that Sis is back home. That is ludicrous that she had to go through that.

Welcome to SITS!

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Oh, another fine example of why I am not too fond of the medical profession. That guy is exactly the type of doctor I always run across.

And mantyhose? My husband would DIE first. LOL

Dropping by to welcome you to SITS - so glad to have you join us!

Flea said...

Um. My boys say NO to the mantyhose. That's a little much.

So sorry to hear about your sister. Grr.

Mamarazzi said...

oh how i could use a little getaway. i have a few books i am dying to read and all i need is a little peace and quiet...lucky you!

OH, I am also stopping by to introduce myself and welcome you to the SITStahood. You are going to love this wonderful community of women.

You might consider following my blog…I host a monthly drawing for fun prizes EXCLUSIVELY from my list of followers. No need to check in every day (though ya might want to, and I would love that) just follow…pretty cool right?

AND come enter my FABULOUS giveaway too…so much fun stuff happening in the SITStahood.

I’m L-O-V-I-N-G it!!

angi_b72 said...

Welcome to SITS!! You will love this bloggy community!

Carma Sez said...

Talk about bad bedside manner!! Yikes. Sorry your sister had to deal with this.

Wanted to stop by and welcome you to SITS!


DiPaola Momma said...

I see that some of the Welcomistas have beat me here (as usual!) But you'll notice at SITS we are great about keeping up with the comment wub! So welcome, from ME. Oh you forgot the man-up (make up for guys.. no REALY they sell it, don't know who buys it, but it IS sold)

Anonymous said...

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