Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dance Class

I agreed to join The Hubby at his group dance class tonight and he was overjoyed. I have to admit it was fun but I'm not in love with it like he is. We danced for an hour in the beginners West Coast Swing and my memory was taxed trying to remember the moves. I was actually sweaty by the end of the hour. The Hubby warned me that it was actually 2 hours of classes so I knew I was in for it. While the first class was ending a couple entered the room for the next class. They sat on the bleachers in the gym watching and I told The Hubby that the guy looked really, REALLY familiar. I went to the restroom and when I came back in they had name tags on. I walked over to The Hubby who was standing close to them. The guy turned and I saw the first two letters of his name Cl...OH MY GOSH...I did know him. I walked up to him and said, "Cl... I know you." He looked curiously at me and I continued, "I'm ****** (my maiden name)." He was shocked. The guy goes back over 35 years since I have seen him. He is about 4 years older than me and used to work for my father. He used to have a crush on me too but didn't dare follow through as my father knew he was a kind of bad boy and that my daddy would not be pleased. I got to dance with him too as we had to change partners a lot. Actually, that was the yucky thing of the evening. One old geezer had his face not more than 6 inches from my face and had this creepy grin and arched eyebrow staring at creepy.

On a sad note. Today is the third anniversary of the loss of my best friend Gail. Miss you my dear.


Lisa said...

when the past comes back to haunt us..........

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Is this ballroom dancing, or all different kinds?
I used to ballroom dance, when I was younger, I loved the dancing part, but like you, didn't like the part of dancing with some partners, who held you a little too tight for comfort.
Sounds like a good workout !

Anonymous said...

I cant believe your hubby dances that is great, mine just laughs when I suggest it.

I'll be thinking of you today, I can only imagine how hard it must be.

Take care.

Char said...

sounds like fun - sorry about the ick factor

Michele Rasmussen said...

Give dancing a few more lessons and maybe you will love it as much as hubby!
Talk about starting off with the hardest dance ever to learn! West Coast Swing is difficult!
Maybe you should give Cha Cha ot Night Club 2 step a try.
Sorry for your loss.