Saturday, March 07, 2009

Happy Birthday

This weekend we are celebrating a 50th birthday for my friend Sin. Last night we had a faux party for her on Harri and Jimbo's deck. The poor thing was kept at her cabin until we all had arrived on the deck then she was brought over on the golf cart. She arrived and was immediately brought to tears. You see her brother had left the day before for a new job opportunity in California and she was just beside herself and turning 50 to top off the week. Little does she know that tonight is the big party with over 110 people that have RSVP'd for the event. They will have band, G-Note, her favorite and lots of food. It should be a great time for Sin yet I can see the conflict she is feeling. Her best friend from college even drove down from Amarillo last night with two other friends and she was again crying. It was a good cry for her though and I think it helps that they are here. You know, her birthday is actually March 9, same as my Momma.

Yesterday the wallpaper was put up in the guest bathroom and it is AWESOME. I'm very glad The Hubby really likes it and it looks so good. We will have to wait a couple of weeks to get the toilet because the kind we like TOTO is out of stock. Yes I know it is a little weird that we have a favorite toilet but we do and we get the high ones used for handicap access. We're getting ready. Hey, there's not so much splatter that the guys tend to leave as they are closer to the bowl when they give it a good shake! Okay, now a few more pics. Also, they started the tear-out of the guest bathroom, my green garden bathroom that is by "my" room. I love it because I had it painted spring green with the cream trim and I accessorize it with pink, green, white and yellow towels, my garden bathroom. Makes my eyes very happy. We're just replacing the floor as it had a huge crack in the tile running across it and it drove The Hubby crazy. I just threw a rug over it but it bugged him. He's a touch OCD. All good for me as I get a new floor.

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Kay said...

This is all looking mighty nice indeed. I'm all into remodeling right now and love looking at what others are doing.