Monday, March 02, 2009

Too Tired to Write

I'm almost too tired to write today. What a busy day. The Hubby had jury duty this week so I knew I would have to be full tilt at the office today. Here it is nearly 5 o'clock and I haven't heard from him since lunch. That is not a good sign. Means he probably has a huge case or at least one that is going to last a bit. Wow, I'm sitting here with my fingers on the keys and nodding off. I told you I'm almost too tired to write. Being the first of the month I had loads and loads of bills both personal and business to pay. Plus The Hubby spent the afternoon yesterday doing a few invoices so yes I worked pretty hard today. I also finished getting the personal taxes together so now I have to drop them off at the accountant. Just a lot to do the first three months of the year.

When I pulled into the driveway I saw that the carpenter was gone but when I opened the door I found he is not gone for long. The music is still blaring, and my kitchen has been partially dismantled. When we remodeled the house three years ago there were some neat soft close drawers in the kitchen and one of them broke almost immediately. The Hubby talked to Rick, the carpenter about fixing it so my silverware is all over the kitchen floor and cabinets. The flashlight was left on and overhead lights too. He'll be back soon to finish. The smell of paint will hang here for days until we are through. The Hubby was going to hang the wallpaper himself but he talked to Rick about someone else to hang it instead. I say yes. Rick also built a sink/cabinet and it is sitting in the middle of the entry way with the first coat of tung oil, waiting for the wax part. It will be very similar to the kitchen cabinets of knotty alder. The Hubby also talked to Rick about getting the cracked floor out of the guest bathroom and replacing so that will be another go around of construction and very dusty. This is just the beginning to the add on that is coming in the next month or two. I do not look forward to cleaning out my closet and bathroom area and sleeping in a full size bed with a 6'2" hubby. Oh well, it's all good. Oh I think the music has stopped.


Char said...

fullsize beds are rarely good for extended sleeping. boo

but you will be so happy when it's all done

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I'm afraid I would probably end up getting divorced, if I had to undergo a home remodel with my husband...
I think it should be done one way, he another.
Doesn't make a good team, so guess what, he doesn't do it !
Good Luck, you must be a strong lady ;)

Kay said...

I'm still undergoing home remodeling myself so I know the daily inconveniences but it'll be great when it's all over!

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