Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today I had a very nice massage to ease those very tired muscles from all the exercise I have done this week. I am telling you my quads and biceps are absolutely tender to the touch. I opted not to do Jazzercise this morning or the walk (3.3 miles) tonight. I am going to a frame shop/art gallery opening tonight. It is the husband (and his father) of B's best friend. There are to be finger foods (sushi) there so I don't have to cook!

The awful rain last night had a unintended catastrophe for us. We do generators as I have mentioned before, and yesterday the guys spent the day digging a huge trench for the gas line for a customer and the trench was toward the house, in particular the basement. Well, the water rushed in from the handy-dandy little trench and flooded the basement. Big OOPS, but sometimes you just can't help the happenstance of a situation. It is all fixed already and moving on but what a day.

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