Saturday, April 19, 2008

Paid the Price

I was so lucky to get away from it all on Thursday and enjoy the solitude and beauty of the cabin but yesterday I paid the price. The Hubby had hired a local guy to weed-eat and mow and general outside activities around the cabin. I was off on the golf cart enjoying a glass of wine with a friend. I finished the visit and glass of wine and hoppped on the golf cart and as I rounded the corner and approached my driveway there I saw my car. I started crying, "OH NO, OH NO, OH NOOOOO." My drivers side window was smashed. The weed-eating guy had hit a rock while mowing and it smashed out my window. I'm was so mad and so sad that my pretty little car was damaged. I quickly looked at the doors and sides to make sure they weren't damaged either but was lucky. The Hubby wasn't here yet but my neighbor Jimbo, the other half of "Harri", was here and I ran to his cabin and was distraught. I was really more angry at the whole thing. My major complaint was that I just don't have time on Monday to have it fixed and I flashed to my very full schedule on Monday, boogers!!!!! I didn't sleep well as I was thinking of the window all night long. It just makes me so very mad but not much you can do with it. And then The Hubby reminded me that when I drive home tomorrow I can't put the top down on a beautiful 80 degree day because the windows automatically ratchet down and there may be glass in the mechanisms. So I will drive with the top up and the window down all the way. Crap!!!

I think I'll get my IPOD now and take a very long walk this morning and enjoy the sounds of the birds and breathe the fresh air and get it out of my system. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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