Monday, April 28, 2008

It has started

First was no food after midnight. Then I attempted to work out with the personal trainer, whew, not a good idea with no food/fuel. Then it was home to await for noon and:
This is the first step in my colonoscopy tomorrow. It didn't taste too bad but I have acid reflux pretty bad and here it is 4pm and I'm still tasting that nasty stuff. ICK! Since about 1pm I have making the "runs" to the little girls room and now I wait for:
This is the last step in my journey to the unknown. Nice label don't you think. I have to drink it twice at 6pm then 9pm at 8oz each 15 minutes apart. The only food I'm allowed is ginger ale, coke, water, tea

and Jello and chicken broth. Yummy.

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