Monday, April 28, 2008

One of several posts today

6am: Today will be a very long day. I was up at 5am to drive to Jazzercise and open up and once here decided that it would not be wise to workout because I'm fasting today. I will go to the personal trainer but will INSIST that they take it easy and may leave early. I'm afraid because I get so very, very hungry after workout that I won't be able to handle the shakiness that I get. It will be Jello or chicken broth for me today. It's playing a mind game on me this morning. I'm thinking about food, food, food. I don't know what is wrong with me with this. It is very weird. It's like I'm never going to eat again and my mind is playing strange tricks on me. I will stay at Jazz until it is time to go, blog and play solitaire as the paper was not in the drive this morning. I will go home, have some Jello, read the paper and then go to the personal trainer and then go home to wait for the clock to tick to noon. Noon...that is the time to drink the laxative!!! EGADS...I'm very afraid. Then will be the run to the bathroom, all day long. 6pm rolls around and then I begin some stuff called "MoviPrep", that name along explains a lot. EGADS...

Ever since I got my new laptop I have had to redo my ITunes. I had put tons of my CD's in it but lost it all. My IPOD was loaded with tons of stuff but I wasn't able to add more and was afraid to hook it up so I began all over again. Yesterday I finally had enough of my many, many CD's uploaded that I could hook-up my IPOD. There were 4000 songs on my ITunes and so I plugged the IPOD and clicked to erase and reado!!! It worked and now I even have a couple of books that I enjoy listening to when I walk. I'm still adding CD's as I have many, many, many CD's, I LOVE music. I feel better that I have accomplished a project. I still have like 8GB on my IPOD to fill up.

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