Tuesday, April 29, 2008


First I have to preface this log to say that there may errors in typing but that I because the valium and morphine is still in my system and affecting things.

It is done. I have done my duty and had the colonoscopy. I probably won't have to have it done again for 10 years. It came out fine, no polyps, nothing but a little hemmeroid. YEAH. The actual test was a breeze but the leading up to it sucked. That crap you drink, and there is a lot of it, and the living in the bathroom for hours on end and the fasting SUCKS big time. But, I'm done and glad of it. On the way home I went completely off of my eating and had a burger street burger with curly fries and they never tasted better. Now I'm off to my nice comfortable to sleep the grogeness away. Toddles all and when you turn 50 it is your turn and don't be afraid to do it you MUST have it done.

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