Sunday, November 27, 2022

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

Yesterday was a full day of kiddos.  I was bound and determined to get my Christmas tree up and the house decorated yesterday.  Every year I TRY to have the girls, their babies, sometimes the bro-in-law and hubby come and help and I feed them, but this year everyone was going 20-thousand different places and it was not to happen.  BUT, I was going to get it done with the help I had and what wonderful help.  Honestly it was quite fun.  The sparkle in their eyes as they put the ornaments on is priceless.
Snicklefritz is so wonderful with Min.  We had a mini-meltdown when it came time to put the star on.  I honestly won't have any of it but little Snicklefritz is, as her mother says, the Min Whisperer.  She is magical in how she gets her sidetracked or just quieted down.  It was nice to have her helping with all of it yesterday.  Min's parents were in the middle of painting a bedroom and having a 3 year old in the midst of it was a No-GO, so Granny's it was, and she had way more fun.

It has been an exhausting kind of few days but most rewarding for everyone.  She'll be back on Monday as her parents head to OKC for the weekly doctor's appointment.  Sadly Snicklefritz won't be around to help as she is back in school.  I'm sure we will have a lot more of these days when school is out for Christmas break and baby Max arrives.

Think I will have some issues if both girls ever spend the night together as they BOTH like that bed in the pink bedroom!!!  Going to have to figure out a plan if that happens.  I don't want to disappoint either one of them...


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