Monday, December 05, 2022

Upside/Down Kind of Weekend

 Monday, yes it is Monday morning, and as always (as of now) it is busy with watching Min.  I am really looking forward to it every week so I can spend time with her.  I love my granddaughters and they both absolutely amaze me in everything they are and do.  I do need to go to the office but it can wait till tomorrow morning.  I'm caught up, mostly and there is nothing important that can't wait till tomorrow morning.  

Hopefully today I will finish wrapping the last of the Christmas gifts and the rest of the day while watching Min I have a lot of choices:

Make Fruitcakes
Change sheets on our bed
Play with watercolors (Christmas card for next year)
Declutter the kitchen cabinets (still have Thanksgiving dishes out, clean, but out!)

See I do have a few things to do today and I guess it depends on what I'm feeling like doing today, my mood, and maybe I'll do it all!

This weekend was a weird kind of thing.  
First of all, last week I went to my old Jazzercise group's Christmas party.  It's been several years since I was able to go and it was such fun to see everyone.  We were missing one in particular though as she lost her husband two days before.  He was 91 and had a stroke.  Kathryn though is a trooper.  She has already made plans to travel in March and I've been invited to join on her trip to California in March to see another long time Jazzerciser that lives in CA.  I told them I'm not sure what my life holds right now, we will see.  

All this being said, Saturday, well, here is another part of the story.  Earlier in the week I sent a text out to our Cabinite friends that I wanted to host dinner Saturday night with homemade gourmet tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  It turned out that only a handful were going to be at the lake and it would be a small gathering.  Then on Thursday one of the girls, that I had a text conversation about the thing sent out a huge group text to all saying she was hosting Saturday for the "game" (no idea what game that was as I could care less) and she would be having soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  WTF!  So I private sent a text reminding I was doing dinner that night with the tomato soup thing.  She went back and was OOPS, sorry forgot about that but suggested we combine.  I said sure, not a problem and since I don't usually have the capability to catch some of the games, sure.  My thing is that on Saturday I had an art meeting I HAD to go to back in town so would come back for that and then to Kathryn's husbands memorial that was a block away from my meeting.  I thought, in my head I had plenty of time to come back and make my soup and show up for "DINNER" at her cabin.  GOOD F....ING GRIEF!  Our wires were sure crossed because she sent a text asking if Robert was bringing the soup over for the half-time break, and that they would wait for me.  WHAT!  Well, just CRAP.  I told her I would make it when I got back, then as I was driving realized she meant for about 12:30!!!!! DAMMIT!!!!!!!

Then The Hubby sent me a text saying she said her soup would be plenty and she was doing the grilled cheese anyway, not to make my soup, she was making her soup too.  My plan for the Saturday evening meal totally got hijacked and then it messed me up in my head.  My plan was a warm bowl of soup and grilled cheese around our porch fireplace, a wonderful evening.  With it changing so much it also meant I had no dinner for The Hubby.  What we ate was popcorn.  It was just a messed up kind of weekend, fun being with friends, but messed up.

On a good note, last night I bought myself a Christmas present, a painting.  Yes I know I could probably paint it but this is an investment.  I already own one of Kathy Anderson's paintings and this will go nicely on my gallery wall. 
Isn't it stunning.  Honestly I'm not that good with roses so glad I have hers to look at and practice. 

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