Monday, April 11, 2011

A Usual Monday

Last week was rough with the Daddy stuff and today didn't start out much better.  I think I'm not coming out of my bedroom on Monday's anymore.  The week starts bad and just seems to stay bad.  Fortunately, today ended up a bit better.  I'm not sure if I relayed it here but Daddy lost one of his hearing aids last week in the hospital.  Oh man, and the darn things are $3500 each!  He was so angry and was bound and determined to make the hospital pay.  In the middle of the night he took it out when the whistling started as the battery was gone.  He laid it on his table side tray and when he woke the next morning it was gone.  Today I showed up at his room and he was fit to be tied that he hadn't heard anything about his move to the skilled nursing care facility.  We were told it would probably be today but in the end it was not to be.  We now know that because he is on two intravenous antibiotics that most facilities won't take him.  Great.  He is climbing the walls with boredom.  I can't imagine laying in the same bed day after day for a couple of months, and he has his mind.  I could understand if he was senile or not in his right mind but he has his mind in a broken body.  He is so depressed and my heart breaks but it can't be helped.  One bright note happened and I had to call him with the good news, the hearing aid.  No, we didn't find it but I talked to the hospital and yes they will reimburse the loss.  We have to go ahead and buy the new one and bring them the bill and they will pay!  The best part is that he had some loss/prevention thing on it at the hearing aid place and to replace it will be $200!  I had to call him and let him know!  It was awesome and made him have some hope.  If we can get him through the next month and a half he will get his new hip, heal and be HOME! 


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'm so sorry about your Dad. I can't imagine what it would be like with nothing to do.

Debbie said...

Sometimes news like that loss insurance can really turn everything around! I hope it does for him.