Friday, April 15, 2011


Last night Oklahoma rode out the beginning of the tornado season.  Unfortunately 2 people lost their lives in a small community called Tushka and I believe 3 in Arkansas.  So very sad.  It was scary but for the first time in my LIFE I was not nervous.  I have always said that if a tornado hit our house they would find me on the toilet.  My stomach would usually be in absolute knots, but last night I was unusually calm.  I have finally overcome my fear I guess.  Takes a bit of age.

Woke up to the news too of the tornado's in the soap opera world again.  As I have said before, daytime television is changing forever.  They have canceled All My Children and One Life To Live.  Not only is it a sad day for a lot of people that watch but think about all the people who are losing their jobs.  Some of the actors have done nothing else in their careers.  In fact there are a couple of young actors who are adults and have spent their entire acting chops on soap operas.  Now we will have cooking shows and something we have so little of, talk shows.  Speaking of television, Miss Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman will have her own cooking show on The Food Network.  Duh, I knew this was coming even though she denied it a bit.  It was just obvious and should be a good show. 


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yes -the storms came and went last night -I was fairly calm as well-and glad everything was ok around here. But, yes very sad for those people that did lose their lives. It is also sad about all the people losing their jobs on the soaps -I don't watch them -But, didn't they actually move from NY to LA -maybe in an attempt save them? Anyway -Happy friday/weekend!

Kay said...

We've been seeing all the news footage about tornadoes in your area. That is so scary!

painting techniques said...

Tornadoes are scary, hope everything will be alright...Daniel