Sunday, April 17, 2011


We have two openings here, one for a door and one for a huge glass block window (actually three but it is not in view).
Now we have a door with windows!  Hot Guy climbing down from ladder!
...and finally the other opening, the glass block has begun.  They got started on Friday and will finish on Monday.  Totally enclosed is the goal.  Also on Monday a HUGE crane will be set into place and gigantic steel beams will hoisted over the house and put into place.  The patio/porch off of this addition will have steel beams for the corners which the brick layer guy will enclose and then the arbor will be square steel beams overhead.  Hey, I think that will be the safest place in a tornado, too bad there won't be walls there.  Should not go anywhere!  Hopefully I will have some awesome pictures of the lifting tomorrow!


Kay said...

I love the idea of the huge windows. I wish we could have put steel beams in place here in Hawaii since we do have strong winds. Unfortunately, they said it would be too expensive for our renovation.

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