Sunday, April 03, 2011

Cocktail Dress

Yesterday I was on the hunt for a cocktail dress and shoes. The dress thing is not much of a problem but the shoes, whoooo...not my bag I can tell ya. I am not a fan of any kind of shoes and have so many problems with my feet over the years that I was scared. I was successful in the hunt for dresses, in fact I found two of them. But, the trip into Dillards shoe department sent me into absolute terror.  I stood looking at the thousands of shoes and was in a panic.  Which way do I turn.  What is the right shoe.  What is the right shoe for me...What, Where, Who, HELP, I tweeted!
I actually stepped my little tootsies into some pretty tall shoes that made me feel I was going to teeter over but they were oh so cute and tempting.  I knew they would not do for me as dancing is on the menu of the night I am planning on attending.  We are attending the DVIS (Domestic Violence Intervention Services) Mirror Ball in April and there will be lots of dancing so I have to think of that.  I found these although my friend C said they were more for suits but they work for me.  I was glad I was successful.

Pictures will soon follow from the gala.

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