Thursday, April 21, 2011


I know I've been MIA lately but rest assured I'm here.  Life has just gotten in the way of blogging and my head has not been in the right place.  I think the last time I posted was the day after the Big Gala Dance.  It was great fun and I looked awesome in my new dress but forgot to get a snapshot.  Sunday I went to the nursing home to visit Daddy.  I found him not in his room but in a lounge room, in his wheel chair reading the paper.  I haven't seen him sitting up in a month, it was nice.  We had a nice visit and then he decided he would like to eat lunch in the dining room, a first.  He asked if I would like to join him, "Why yes I would Daddy."  We sat and waited and watched as the room filled up with a multitude of wheel chairs of residents ready to eat lunch.  It was kind of sad as Daddy has his mind and most of the people were just, sad.  I know it is so hard on him.  We had a wonderful, and I mean surprisingly wonderful meal chicken and dumplings.  He scraped his bowl clean.  His spirits are better and his appetite is great.  Shortly after we finished the oldest, B, stopped by too.  I think it made his day and then after we left Bro stopped by and I think on Saturday Sis stopped by, the first for her in a couple of weeks.  I was back again to see him quickly on Monday night before a meeting and to take him a pair of new pants I bought and a pair of shoes.  Wednesday, I went to his house first to find another pair of pants as he called Tuesday night and had an accident and didn't want his new pants messed up.  I found some and some more dirty clothes which I took home to wash later along with his messy clothes.  The Hubby couldn't understand why the nursing home didn't wash them and I guess they can but I think things get lost a lot.  When I went in he was snoring to beat the band so quietly I started putting his name on everything he owned, just in case.  He woke up shortly and we talked a bit.  I gathered his laundry and headed home to wash and get his stuff ready.  Last night, at 5 pm he had a doctor's appointment with the hip doctor.  Daddy was so anxious and excited about the appointment because he felt he was healing so fast and would be ready for his new hip soon.  For some reason he has it in his head that it has been 2 months.  He was just thinking March and April, not March 17 to April.  I had to make him understand it had only been a month.  First blow.  He is so tired of being laid up and not able to go out in his yard and enjoy the spring and his garden.  He's exercising like a fiend, eating and has a great attitude in anticipation that the news at the doc will be good.  He was x-rayed and sadly the infection is still there and the spacer that was put in to hold the place where the hip is gone has been dislocated, by a nurse that man-handled him to rough.  The doctor said it will be left as is.  Daddy was so depressed and sad that the infection is still there.  I could see him drifting into the depression right before my eyes.  I'm afraid that he will be that way for a few days and then hopefully will rally.  Today I have to make an appointment with an infectious disease doctor and then back to the hip doc in 4 weeks.  Whew!  I'm a bit tired and there is still the construction that is on going, slow and on going.  Through all this I emailed out the The Hubby's family about Easter dinner and guess what, everyone is coming to our house!  Sometimes I think I'm a bit loopy but it should be easy.  I'm doing a ham and buying a cake and everyone is doing the rest.  Just have to have plates, eat and wash the dishes.  No problem.  Ask me how I feel Sunday evening! 

I thought about going into some of the family stuff that I've been dealing with but have decided to not air it here.  I will say that I've been frustrated but it will pass and I shall move on.  I don't have time for the petty stuff.  My focus is my Daddy, my family, my house and work and hopefully my art, when I have the time.  Toodles all and please stayed tuned as I hope to have some pictures next week of the room addition progress.  Hang with me please.


Char said...

thinking of you and hope things improve. (hugs)

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Sorry about your Dad. I hope that he and you get some good news during the next round of doctor appointments.