Friday, February 18, 2011


It's called a headache this morning.  I'm still dealing with the aftermath of this stupid cold.  Waking up nearly every morning with a sinus headache just really sucks and starts messing with my desire for doing, ANYTHING.  Yesterday was a day that felt like I was PMS'ing and I HOPE I'm beyond that but I felt it.  I just wanted to hide in a closet.  I even had a handful of Lay's potato chips and just beat myself up for it but I know today is another day.  I think because I gained a pound this week I'm hitting a brick wall here and it is playing havoc on my mind.  At this point I'm looking forward to Monday and kind of a start over with my exercise and food.  Oh, I'll be good this weekend but it is definitely hard this week.  This picture just makes my eyes happy and hopeful for the spring that is on the horizon.  I can't wait to garden and just play around in the flower bed at the cabin.  I have plans for it all this year.  I've got to get the exercise under control because I have the 5K looming very near and it is time to prep for it!  Maybe tomorrow I'll do some walking/jogging outside and enjoy the warmer temps. 

Construction has also started on the add on with the brick and siding being ripped off.  It suddenly occurred to me that I need to clean out my closet and The Hubby told me it is time.  I asked him how much time but he didn't say and I told him I didn't want to receive a call one morning that said they're ripping it open in an hour.  I have that on my head to get the area cleaned out.  It's very exciting but definitely an inconvenience, briefly! 

I have to apologize to my bloggy friends for not visiting their blogs.  I've just not been in a mood to even comment or read.  It happens to me sometimes.  I just can't seem to focus (a sign of the PMS thingy) on stuff this week.  This will pass and I should be back though. 

Later my friends!

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Kay said...

You don't have to apologize. We do actually all have lives beyond the computer. Good luck with your closet cleaning. It always feels good when you're done.